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  • Crossroads


    As the kids say, it’s been a minute. There’s no shortage of subjects to write about but time and energy are finite. I’ll start there. A full-time corporate career and part-time academic pursuits leave little time for writing. The short stories I’m always threatening to publish never measure up. I feel like the long historical…

  • Was Historical Objectivity Overthrown?

    Was Historical Objectivity Overthrown?

    This is an historiographic essay from my graduate program’s History & Theory reading seminar. I centered the paper on Peter Novick’s That Noble Dream: The ‘Objectivity Question’ and the American Historical Profession. This is a great book to read. I wanted to get more grounded in intellectual history as well as get more exposure in American history. I believe objectivity…

  • Inflation & Establishment Media

    Inflation & Establishment Media

    Larry Summers was on Ezra Klein’s New York Times podcast to discuss the state of the world economy (here is the transcript). It was worth listening to only to hear Klein getting mugged by reality, although he still seemed to want to beleive Covid and Ukraine caused high inflation. Say what you want about Summers, but he admitted he…

  • Overreaction


    It’s October 2021 and the simulation is getting weirder and weirder. Strange how opinion journalists’ inevitable exhortation “we must do something” has become “we must do everything.” In the last 20 years, national rhetoric heated-up faster than temperatures in pre-Millennium climate change projections. In America, there was governmental overreaction to the three great calamities of…

  • The Repression of Civil Liberties in the United States During World War I

    The Repression of Civil Liberties in the United States During World War I

    I originally wrote this post as an historiography for a US History course for my graduate degree. In retrospect, I would do this paper differently if I had to revisit the topic. The book-by-book summary is pretty boring, plus my research was not very through–a few of those sources were not worth mentioning. Still, this…

  • Opening Moves

    Opening Moves

    Have you ever taken a personality test? I had to take one several years ago as part of an employer’s training program, doing different versions of the Myers-Briggs test and being scored an INTP or an INTJ. My scores for Thinking and Introversion were at extreme ends, I favored my Intuition over my Sensations, but I…

  • Change…and Fade Away

    Change…and Fade Away

    To be alive means to cope with constant change, just as it is that living means we face death one day. Nothing about us is permanent except the matter we are comprised of (or, at least, that is what we are told by physicists). We are also told by evolutionary biologists that as animals we…

  • The Hazards of Political Belief Spectrums

    The Hazards of Political Belief Spectrums

    The graphic above is from a discussion on a UK website called The Student Room. Chicago Fog believes this is a good representation of the parameters of political beliefs reflected in contemporary society: communism on one end and fascism on the other. Clearly, the maker of the spectrum must be from Canada, but this graphic…

  • Chicago Fog Archive, Blog 2.0

    Chicago Fog Archive, Blog 2.0

    Syria, Anarchism’s Bad Brand, and Libya: Early experiments in essays for which Chicago Fog begs the reader’s forgiveness in advance of reading.

  • Chicago Fog Archive, Blog 1.0

    Chicago Fog Archive, Blog 1.0

    The Arab Spring, frustration about political arguments, and Nietzsche: Early experiments in essays for which Armchair Mutineer begs the reader’s forgiveness in advance of reading.