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  • Crossroads


    As the kids say, it’s been a minute. There’s no shortage of subjects to write about but time and energy are finite. I’ll start there. A full-time corporate career and part-time academic pursuits leave little time for writing. The short stories I’m always threatening to publish never measure up. I feel like the long historical…

  • Was Historical Objectivity Overthrown?

    Was Historical Objectivity Overthrown?

    This is an historiographic essay from my graduate program’s History & Theory reading seminar. I centered the paper on Peter Novick’s That Noble Dream: The ‘Objectivity Question’ and the American Historical Profession. This is a great book to read. I wanted to get more grounded in intellectual history as well as get more exposure in American history. I believe objectivity…

  • Chicago Fog Archive, Blog 2.0

    Chicago Fog Archive, Blog 2.0

    Syria, Anarchism’s Bad Brand, and Libya: Early experiments in essays for which Chicago Fog begs the reader’s forgiveness in advance of reading.