Message Intercept

Forward:  CIA East Europe Desk

          DODI, Europe Group


          DHS, Border Patrol

Re:       Message (Intercept F2035-09-12-T-R)

Attached: Decryption, Routing and Translation Logs

From: NSA-WTIM, Eastern European Services

Memo: SENDER and RECEIVER names unknown and Routing still under analysis. Results to be forwarded to distribution in 48 hours. RECEIPT was prevented.  CIA-EED and DHS-BP to advise on sending edited/planted text to RECEIVER.  Unencrypted and Translated Text to Follow:


I must say I’m surprised the Industrialist Forces of Darkness have not located and neutralized you. The last I heard was that Homeland Security Border Guards had obtained a warrant from a military court to take you outside of US borders for ‘questioning’ — i.e., sodium pentazocine and a forced 24/7 VR feed at the HyperMax in Diego Garcia. Your continuing survival provides hope for all those who still Agitate.  As our now dead colleague Rand Faulkner once said on the eve of The Great Raid on the Human Biogrowth Labs, “Hope grows each time someone stands against aggression and de-humanizing technocracy.”

As for me, all I can say is Military Utopia — ha!

I, for one, am off the mandated happy pill medication and now spend my days in grim silence.  As you may expect, it’s very dismal here as the war reaches its final days.  Most people have attempted to flee the city or take shelter underground.  Siege guns can be heard echoing through the streets of this once-great capitol city.  They seem to grow closer now — perhaps only 10 or 20 KM away.  Food riots are common, and the Archduke has declared martial law once again.  The air war continues overhead, though I can really only hear it.  When out looking for food, I’ve seen Mirage Mark 57s flying in full burn, but I can’t tell ours from theirs.  A week ago, an enemy transport was shot down near my ghetto, and I striped it for provisions and other tradable valuables.  This was the highlight of my life for the past year!

Though I live in relative calm – usually wired to some VR display of now-extinct farm animals, or some other pastoral scene to comfort me — news of my sanity is greatly exaggerated.  People who spread such rumors must be dealt with harshly.  Being a minor enemy of the state is one thing; it’s my purported mental condition that keeps me from service in the Archduke’s Royal Armed Forces.  Never mind politics, that’s surely a death sentence.  In fact, our casualties have been so high in recent months I now understand our armies are mostly composed of Chinese mercenaries that the Archduke has hired from Major General Chou Min Lai, the latest dictator of the People’s Democratic Republic of Manchuria.

I imagine the war may go on a few more weeks, as the Mullah slowly encircles the capitol and air superiority is ceded to him.  I’m sure you know the Mullah’s armies have suffered heavy losses thanks to the Archduke’s 12-day lease of US orbital weapon platforms.  For the past several nights, I’ve watched particle beams raining down from the sky on the northern suburbs, where the Mullah had been massing his forces for their final assault.  I usually indulge in a Turkish coffee (the irony isn’t lost on me) and watch the sky from my attic window.  The attacks look like randomly cascading lightning storms; only the beams are perfectly straight, colorless, and soundless.  Oddly, the sight is quite picturesque.  Mandatory acknowledgment propaganda widecasts have shown some of the results of the Archduke’s rented hardware: lifeless landscapes of blackened troopers, melted hovercraft, and exploded armor.  I wonder if the Archduke gave himself the honor of placing the first fire call to the Orbital Pentagon.

It is but a setback for the Muslims. But for our small population of devout, we would have been vaporized months ago. Now the satellite lease will expire in 3 days, and the US won’t renew it for fear of escalating its lukewarm war with the Mullah.  Meanwhile, fresh Muslim reinforcements are coming from India, freed from quelling a Hindu rebellion against the Mullah’s inept cousin, Yazid Muhammad the Red.  According to a recent VOA netcast, these are General Siad Bashir’s forces.  They are mostly Egyptian and Libyan, are well trained and equipped, and have seen combat before in South Africa, Greece, and the Indian sub-continent.  Bashir is an armored tactics-wiz, in the tradition of Rommel and Patton.  The underground’s intel indicates he has 150 Powell Supratanks that the Mullah captured in the Conquest and Subjugation of Israel.  In support, he has 500 light hover-armor, 3 motorized divisions of heavy shock troops, an air cavalry brigade, a division of paratroopers, and several detachments of Elite Forces.  This will overwhelm what is left of the Archduke’s forces.

This is good news, I suppose, as I will probably be summarily executed in the next purge anyway, accused of plotting some putsch that never really existed, mostly so our benign monarch can dispose of threats to his own power base residing inside his regime.  It’s Machiavelli for pre-schoolers: agitators are always sacrificed with the successful, ambitious and power-hungry officers and ministers who are the Archduke’s true targets.  It is all for show, guilt by association for the unfortunate royalists.  Anyway, I should have been killed a long time ago.

The Mullah’s rule will be a light touch in comparison. I view the Mullah’s invasion as a potential liberation and chance to return to the political and economic principles of the Collective.  Data indicates many of the people in this nation share that view, despite the obvious religious frictions.  There are only a few royalists left, and most people understand the Archduke started and escalated the war against Islam.  Removal of the war-mongering Archduke can only help our nation, for he is a known evil. I feel the Mullah may be amenable to the Collective, and that he may allow an autonomous, socialist democracy to the extent there are no conflicts with the Laws, Mandates and Holy Canon of the 2nd Umayyad Caliphate.  I realize this is a Faustian bargain, as rights would be curtailed in the short-term.  After all, once all the fighting in Europe is over, it is inevitable that the Mullah and his fundamentalist clerics and generals will require a strict adherence to Islamic dogma, and the destruction of all non-Muslim cultural icons.  As time goes on, we expect they may even require conversion at rifle point in furtherance of the Mullah’s Holy Vision of Worldwide Islam … the vision seen from his famous Night Visitation from Muhammad during his first hajj, proclaimed the next day in Mecca and seven days later in Medina.

We may gain time to throw-off their rule, peacefully or otherwise.  Perhaps we can stage a general strike when the Mullah and the US finally go to total war, which our human and AI analysts feel is inevitable in the next 24 months, especially if Russia is invaded again and US economic interests are threatened.

But now we seek only to live another day so, alas, I get ahead of myself.

Of more immediate concern is my fear the Muslim armies may get out of control in sacking the city, and will indiscriminately slaughter infidel non-coms, just as they did in Odessa, Frankfurt and Bombay.  Data indicates the Mullah’s Persian and Turk armies are generally more disciplined than the Arab, African, and East Asian.  Yet, even they have been known to massacre after sustaining heavy battlefield losses … but who hasn’t?  I suppose our chances are better in a sacking — after all, in a stalemate, the Mullah could always sneak a Silkworm past our antiquated ABM shield, or even barrage us with airbursts of re-engineered EBOLA 21.  We’d prefer to deal with the scimitars and AK-700s, as stabbing and shooting on a limited basis is much better than widespread hemorrhaging, or being vaporized on an aggregate basis.

No matter what, the ending is bound to be bloody, as you know the Archduke will go to any length to survive.  I do not expect the Mullah to be merciful either, as this war has been a personal duel from the beginning.  I believe this was not fully reported in the West, but early in the war the Archduke ordered an assault on Kuwait City with nerve gas fired from one of the Automated Gun Ships purchased from the Brazilian navy.  He hoped to assassinate the Mullah himself and thereby de-stabilize the caliphate, causing a break down into factions and civil war in the vacuum of power.  It was a daring gambit, but the intel ended up being soft, as the Mullah was actually at an air force base in Algeria that day.

Nevertheless, the Archduke ordered the attack.  We were able to intercept a video relay taped from a Chinese recon satellite: the unmanned Gun Ship unloaded its ordinance in the middle of the harbor, rapid firing missiles and cannon, all chemically-tipped, into the gleaming towers and mosques of Kuwait City.  It was only able to attack for 7 minutes before air defenses sank it.  Despite the attack’s brevity, reports stated nearly 700,000 were killed, including most of the Mullah’s immediate family.  The Mullah vowed vengeance, and placed an execution fatwa on the Archduke.  So in losing this war the Archduke knows he’s a dead man.  As one of the most ruthless leaders alive today, and I fear what he may do in the final days of this invasion.  Exile is not an option for him, and he will fight to the death and take as many of the enemy as possible with him, along with his poor subjects. The Archduke has always walked a path soaked in blood.

Not unlike the life approach of the subject of your latest biography, eh?  Thank you for sending me the draft of the manuscript; as a true debunking of this Western idol, it will probably be a great success in Agitation circles.  I can add some facts about Saint Phillip of Denver, for I knew him prior to my banishment from the West.  Saint Phillip’s book of Christian prayer and transcendental meditation was very inspiring, written before he became a member of NASA Special Ops and one of the most brutal soldiers ever to hunt the Zone.

You asked me if I had any stories about him that had been largely censored.  There are a few stories that I believe you should research.

During World War VI, Saint Phillip lead British commandos in a bloody attempt to rescue Field Marshall Thomas Reese’s prized yorkie and information symbiont — Flambeau — who was held captive by Bolivian Nazi Separatists backed by the cloned-descendent Bill Gates 5.  You’ll recall Gates 5, from its base in Uruguay, had launched an insurrection in Bolivia after its cloned-brethren Gates 9, the provisional ruler of Bolivia, was assassinated by Maoist intellectuals.  The Maoists seized power and privatized all industry, including the Gates’ nanotech operations.  The Gates factions engineered a Nazi coup d’ etat in the western provinces to reclaim the factories, and thus began the Bolivian Civil War… all to be single-handedly settled by Saint Phillip.

Naturally, the West intervened to prevent a further fascist domino effect – Gates 3 and 14 controlled Argentina by then, seizing control after the first Chinese nuclear strike on the West.  Participating US/OAS forces were under Field Marshall Reese’s Anglo-American Military Command based in Brazil.  Flambeau was Reese’s back up in case he was assassinated.  Brilliant that central command backed-up Reese’s information in the dog’s genetic code; foolish that the counters missed the genetic-veterinarian was a Neo-Nazi operative.  Anyway, the rescue of the yorkie was quite daring, as Saint Phillip and his team used a US-loaned X-111 Orbital Fighter-Bomber to bypass Bolivian air defenses from the upper atmosphere, and land in the middle of the military fortress after a Mach 6 descent.  The SAS commandos had US military-issue Grenadier Battle Suits, which were new at that point and not widely employed.  The X-111 appeared out of nowhere and set-down, debarking Saint Phillip and 25 SAS commandos.  After a 20-minute firefight, 1000 Nazi militiamen and 500 Bolivian regulars lay dead.  Flambeau was rescued, given walkies by Saint Phillip and then placed on the space plane.  The Nazi leadership — all Gates puppets — had surrendered to Saint Phillip, but as this was a non-Geneva Code controlled conflict, Saint Phillip ordered battlefield executions for all of them.

This was probably enough to end the short-lived Nazi movement in Bolivia.  This is what makes Saint Phillip’s decision to set-off a tactical nuke in the middle of La Paz so shockingly brutal, even for a Westerner.  The story goes that after securing the fortress, Saint Phillip ordered an end to the EVA, and then disappeared for 20 minutes.  Upon his return, he ordered the Orbital’s astronauts to make a rapid ascent, but to stay geo-synched to the city even though it exposed them to a greater risk of SAMs.  Once en route, he instructed his team to look down at the surface and tell him if they saw anything, at which point he remote detonated the 2 MT nuke from low orbit.  Now, was he showing a strange sense of humor here, or was he trying to mentor his troopers in lessons of war?  I suppose we’ll never know, but I understand now from UN occupational forces that the local birth defect rate in La Paz is only 30% (after stillbirths).

Saint Phillip’s exploits off the battlefield are also heralded.  After all, the Roman Catholic Church ordained him a saint after he devised Paradigm 13, the bio-engineered adrenal hormone that increases aggression by 1000%.  He first used a raw form of Paradigm 13 during the Mullah’s sea borne raid of Italy during the Peloponnesian Conflict.  Meant as a diversion by the Mullah in his conquest of Greece, he landed forces that would attack and sack Rome.  The Mullah wished to demoralize the West by attacking its most historic city, and believed that Italy would have to withdraw its troops from Greece.  It is said that it was the Pope himself who enlisted Saint Phillip to lead the defense of Rome.

Saint Phillip was given command of a brigade of Italian Special Forces assigned to the Church, and he ordered them to take Paradigm 13 during the first hours of the invasion.  Though every soldier eventually died of congestive heart failure within 72 hours of the dosage, the violence they inflicted on the Muslim armies was legendary.  The adrenal hormone, when combine with Battle Suits, special ops training, and Saint Phillip’s cunning leadership, resulted in the worst violence witnessed in Italy since Roman times, and one of the worst defeats ever suffered by the Mullah’s armies.

The dosed ISF troopers faced Algerian and Moroccan conscripts armed with old AKs and M-27s, serving as the invasion’s vanguard.  Assigned to establish 5 KM perimeter around the LZ, most of the troops were only 18 or 19 years old and never saw combat before.  They expected very light resistance, and did not know ISF had been deployed.  First, Saint Phillip coordinated hit and run attacks that killed Muslim officers and NCOs. He then ordered more aggressive attacks, until the enemy troops became frightened and confused, and began a massive retreat, defying offshore orders.  Due to the hilly topography of the Roman suburbs, most of the fighting was at close quarters with Multiguns, Chainguns, and Smart-Grenade Launchers.  The next series of attacks were structured to drive the Muslim forces into a closed valley where an ambush was prepared.  Consequently, 3 entire Muslim divisions were lost, and the friendly-to-enemy kill ratio was 1:500 – mostly because no prisoners were taken, once again.  It was said that the dosed troopers eventually ran out of ammunition, so began hanging captured enemy on pine trees with the eviscerated intestines of other fallen enemy soldiers.

The Mullah had never lost so many so fast, and with the 2nd NATO Alliance waiting to intervene if non-conventional weapons were employed in Italy or Greece, the Mullah gave up his Italian adventure and settled with a naval blockade.

Afterward, Pope Innocent XIX and Saint Phillip became close friends.  In addition to sainthood, Saint Phillip was given command of the Templars, which has been built to 12 legions of mercenaries, and mostly Chinese and US equipped.  I understand his latest project is designing an automated air defense for the Vatican, complete with a PB Weapons Platform in geosynchronous orbit over Rome.

I hope your AI is able to locate and decrypt this message accurately.  This is a blind message coded to one of your AI avatars.  With Worldwide Total Information Management in place, nothing is really safe anymore.  CIA-AI agents have caused havoc on our net, comgrid and VID/VOX networks.  Messages are intercepted, recorded, analyzed and – in some cases – even altered to spread disinformation, propaganda and confusion. They have been especially aggressive in nations belonging to the caliphate.  I have resorted to using old fashioned e-mail (it’s AOL v.285.7 modified with French military encryption software), that is sent via ancient Warsaw Pact phone lines which, I am told, are sometimes missed in WTIM’s data sweeps.  Thus, I ‘backdoor’ all messages onto the worldwide comgrid from “unknown source” origin.  The message-software I use will piggyback on corporate data traffic for a number of days until there is little or no chance to trace origination from first entry onto the comgrid.  Therefore, the delay on getting this should be 4-6 days.  I believe this will work for the time being, until counters are made available that will beat or, at least, temporarily fool WTIM.  Please follow a similar protocol in your reply, especially as you are lying in the belly of the beast, as we say in the hinterlands.

If I do not respond to your next message, you will know why.  Keep Agitating!


End of Unencrypted and Translated Text

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